Application Process

NPDA-BC Certification Application Process


Confirm your eligibility.


Apply for the NPDA-BC credential. You may submit your application online at any time by creating a CCI account or logging into your existing account.


Upon approval, you will receive an enrollment email for your NPDA-BC Portfolio Assessment course.


After you submit all your portfolio documents in your classroom, your portfolio will be scored by two peer reviewers.


Upon successful completion of the certification process, the NPDA-BC certification is awarded for a period of five years.

Certification Fee

NPDA-BC Credential Fee

The NPDA-BC certification by portfolio fee is $375.

NPDA BC Pricing
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NPDA-BC Resources

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NPDA-BC Certification

Learn more about NPDA-BC certification and have your questions answered by CCI staff.

NPDA-BC Hanbook

NPDA-BC Handbook

The complete guide on the NPDA-BC credential.

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NPDA-BC Candidate Timeline Tip Sheet

This tip sheet provides a suggested timeline to help candidates meet the requirements within the one-year timeframe.

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CCI Staff Support

CCI's nursing staff is available to answer questions about eligibility or the portfolio process.

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