Exam Accommodations

Examination accommodations are available for individuals with a current disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or a comparable human rights law in their country.


Accommodation requests must be submitted via the CCI Examination Accommodation Request Form and must include appropriate documentation from a qualified professional (e.g., physician, school official, licensed psychiatrist, licensed psychologist).


Appropriate documentation must identify the disability and state the need for the requested accommodation(s). Examples of appropriate documentation include official letters, reports of test results, and documentation of past accommodation(s) received, including accommodation(s) received for standardized testing (e.g., previous Individualized Education Plan [IEP], documentation from another organization similar to CCI).


As part of your application process, you’ll be prompted to submit any exam accommodation requests. Once the accommodation request and supporting documentation are received, CCI will conduct a review, which typically takes 10–14 days. CCI may require additional documentation, which can result in longer processing times.


If you have already submitted your examination application and have an additional accommodations request, please contact Customer Service for further assistance.


Note: Individuals should not attempt to schedule their examination until they receive an email about the status of their accommodation request and how to schedule their examination. Please note that certification applications and accommodation requests are reviewed separately, and the approval of a certification application does not equal the approval of an accommodation request.