Certification and Career Progression

Perioperative nurses pursue certification for a variety of reasons, including professional validation, personal accomplishment, and career advancement. Certification allows nurses to demonstrate their commitment to exceptional patient safety and adhere to current standards in their field of practice.

Demonstrate your dedication to patient safety

Validate your knowledge and skills

Gain the recognition you deserve

Realize your career potential

In addition to these benefits, studies have shown that on average certified nurses earn more annually compared to nurses that do not hold certifications.

why certify benefits

*2018 AORN Salary and Compensation Survey

Certification Overview

Learn about CNOR Certification

More than 40,000 nurses currently hold the CNOR credential and consider the designation a personal and professional accomplishment.

why certify cnor

Assesses the knowledge and skills of a perioperative nurse with a minimum of two years of clinical practice.

Learn about CSSM Certification

Join an elite group of current and emerging leaders demonstrating their perioperative nursing competency beyond clinical practice.

why certify cssm

For perioperative managers, directors and nurses who oversee personnel, a budget, business unit or service line.

Learn about CNS-CP Certification

Bridge the gap between APRN certification and specialty practice by validating your perioperative competency at an advanced practice level.

why certify cnscp

Validates the achievement of the advanced practice Clinical Nurse Specialist working in the perioperative setting.