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Application Process

CSSM Exam Application Process


Confirm your eligibility.


Determine when you would like to take the exam. Your testing window will begin the calendar month after your application is approved.


You may submit your application online at any time by creating a CCI account or logging into your existing account.


You will receive an email with instructions on scheduling your exam at a Prometric testing facility. For additional testing center information, please refer to the CSSM Handbook.

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Certification Fee

CSSM Exam Fee

The long-term benefits of holding a credential often outweigh the cost of initial certification. Over the three-year CSSM certification cycle, the exam fee ends up costing less than fifty cents a day.

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CSSM Exam Resources

Additional information and resources to prepare for the CSSM exam can be found in the Learn section.

CSSM Handbook

CSSM Handbook

The complete guide on the CSSM credential.

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CSSM Certification Webinars

Learn more about exam subject areas and test-taking strategies.

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CSSM Exam Study Outline

Develop a personalized study plan with CCI's free preparation tool.

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CCI Staff Support

CCI's nursing staff is available to answer questions about eligibility or preparation.

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Get Prepared

CSSM Exam Preparation

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CSSM Online Practice Exam

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CSSM On-Demand Prep Course

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CSSM Exam Prep