Intellectual Property Guidelines for CCI

These Intellectual Property Guidelines for CCI (“Guidelines”) apply to any third parties that use or intend to use intellectual property owned by the Competency & Credentialing Institute® (CCI®). Third parties include both individuals and organizations. Intellectual property owned by CCI includes but is not limited to its trademarks and copyrighted materials. Misuse of CCI intellectual property is a violation of CCI’s requirements and may also be a violation of state, federal, or international law.


CCI Logo and Company Name

The CCI logo may not be used by third parties under any circumstances unless approved in writing by CCI. The name “Competency & Credentialing Institute” and the acronym “CCI” may only be used to refer to the organization. Any suggestion or implication of endorsement, affiliation, or support by CCI without CCI’s prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

Certification Marks

A certification mark is a type of trademark used to show consumers that particular goods and/or services, or providers of goods and services, have met certain standards. The certification marks owned by CCI (listed in CCI’s Terms of Use) may only be used by individuals who are certified by CCI, and certified individuals may only use the applicable certification mark in the manner authorized by CCI to indicate that they are certified.

Unauthorized Use

Company Names. CCI-owned trademarks should not be included in company names. Although a CNOR named “Jane Doe” may desire to create a company called “Jane Doe, CNOR,” this is prohibited under CCI policy. One of the reasons, among others, this is prohibited is because if her certification were to expire or otherwise become inactive, she would no longer be authorized to use the CNOR certification mark and would be required to change the name of her company.

Email Addresses. CCI-owned trademarks should not be included in email addresses, whether as part of the username or the domain name. See the “Company Names” section above.

Social Media Profiles. Use of the CCI logo and company name in social media profiles is strictly prohibited.

Domain Names. CCI strictly prohibits the use of its trademarks in domain names outside of those managed by CCI.

Product or Service Names. CCI-owned trademarks may not be used in product or service names (e.g., book titles) without permission from CCI (see Section 13 of CCI’s Terms of Use). Permission will not be granted if the name gives the appearance that the product or service originated from CCI.

Merchandising. CCI-owned trademarks should not be used in merchandising. Selling products such as T-shirts, hats, stickers, water bottles, or any other products that contain or display a CCI-owned trademark is prohibited.


CCI holds the copyright to all materials and content originating from CCI including those materials and content contained on its website unless otherwise specified. CCI also holds the copyright to all of its examination items. Unauthorized access, distribution, or publication of any CCI copyrighted material or information is strictly prohibited.

Authorized Use

Any use of CCI copyrighted materials must be approved by CCI. Requests for permission to use CCI copyrighted materials must be submitted through CCI’s Copyright and/or Trademark Permission Request Form, which may be found in Section 13 of the CCI’s Terms of Use.