CCI Board of Directors Public Member Application

The CCI Board of Directors is accepting Public Member applications for Board service for a 3-year term, which will begin in Spring 2025. The Application Cycle will open on April 1, 2024, and will close on May 31, 2024.

The CCI Board of Directors is responsible for charting the organization’s strategic direction and upholding fiduciary responsibilities for the organization. The Board is comprised of eight directors, each possessing at least one of CCI’s certifications, and includes two public members.

Public Member Candidate Requirements
CCI believes that by meeting a defined set of requirements, a candidate will be able to clearly demonstrate the desired competencies for CCI leaders. Therefore, to be considered as a Public Member of the CCI Board of Directors, candidates must:

  • Hold at minimum of a Bachelor’s degree
  • Possess previous experience in senior level business, community, or professional leadership role(s)

Additionally, candidates may be considered if they have experience in one or more of the following areas which are desirable for a well-balanced Board:

  • Experience as national professional committee Chair
  • Experience leading work groups and teams
  • Membership in community project committee
  • Governance experience (paid or volunteer) on a private, public, or community Board
  • Experience with budgets, business investments or financial planning and statements
  • Business or entrepreneurial experience, or a background with new business ventures

Length of Term

Initial 3-year term, with option for reappointment

Service Period

Begins in Spring 2025 (following election after annual professional tradeshow)

Required Activities

  • Attend at least one in-person Board meetings per year
  • Participation in conference calls (based on committee assignments and Board needs)

Additional Information

  • CCI will pay all expenses related to committee or Board meetings in accordance with the travel policy.
  • If you are selected to serve on the CCI Board of Directors, you will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, a Conflict-of-Interest Statement, Leadership Agreement, and Public Member declaration form. If you are unable to sign these agreements, please do not apply for a position on the Board of Directors.

2024-2025 CCI Board of Directors Public Member Application

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