About the NPDA-BC

NPDA-BC certification assesses the knowledge and skills of a nursing professional development specialist with at least 5 years experience. Earning the NPDA-BC demonstrates commitment to accountability to the healthcare consumer/partner through the promotion of learning, change and professional role competence and growth of healthcare personnel.


Check Your NPDA-BC Eligibility

A current, unrestricted RN license in state or country of practice.

Have a master’s or higher degree in nursing or related field or the demonstrated equivalent from another country. If the graduate degree is in a related field, the baccalaureate degree must be in nursing.

Hold an accredited certification in Nursing Professional Development (NPD) demonstrating entry level NPD knowledge and skills.

Have a minimum of 4,000 hours of active practice at the nursing professional development specialist level in the last 5 years. NPD practice settings include any practice or learning environment.


NPDA-BC Portfolio Overview

The NPDA-BC Professional Portfolio is a mechanism for demonstrating advanced levels of knowledge and skills in nursing professional development. The portfolio is a peer-reviewed mechanism for demonstrating fulfillment of each NPD role and responsibility and application of NPD specialist competencies. Activities in the portfolio go beyond routine, entry-level practice, and challenge applicants to contribute to the art and science of nursing at an advanced level.

Applicants will submit a portfolio that contains their three exemplars and three responsibility activity tables utilizing a unique project or activity for each submission:

o Three exemplars demonstrating advanced NPD practice within the past five years each exemplar must cover one of the six NPD responsibility

o Three responsibility activity tables providing evidence demonstrating advanced NPD practice in each of the responsibilities not covered in the required exemplars

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NPDA-BC Resources

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NPDA-BC Certification

Learn more about NPDA-BC certification and have your questions answered by CCI staff.

NPDA-BC Hanbook

NPDA-BC Handbook

The complete guide on the NPDA-BC credential.

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NPDA-BC Candidate Timeline Tip Sheet

This tip sheet provides a suggested timeline to help candidates meet the requirements within the one-year timeframe.

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CCI Staff Support

CCI's nursing staff is available to answer questions about eligibility or the portfolio process.

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Apply for NPDA-BC Certification

Start your path to certification by applying for the NPDA-BC credential. Learn more about the application process, credential components, and benefits to NPDA-BC certification.