Mission, Values, Focus

While CCI acknowledges you as a certified, competent member of the perioperative community, we also want to be your partner in this journey. Every step of the way, from preparing to be certified as a CNOR, CSSM, or CNS-CP to continuing your education to create cultures of safety in your workplace, to helping you visualize and achieve success in your future roles as you advance in your perioperative career, CCI wants to support you and contribute to your success.

This sentiment is reflected in our Vision and Mission statements:

Vision: A growing community of lifelong learners for whom CCI is a catalyst and integral partner.

Mission: CCI promotes certifications and continuous professional development which drive safe, quality patient care.

No matter what point you are at in your career, we want to support you professionally by providing quality educational materials that fosters lifelong learning. As each of you grows professionally, you help in creating a unique community of competence in perioperative nursing. CCI is so proud to be a part of that.

CCI Values

In pursuit of our Mission and Vision statements, we commit to actively:

  • Enhance and promote the value of our credentialing programs
  • Develop and maintain collaborative endeavors and relationships with those who support our mission
  • Support the competency assessment of perioperative nurses at all educational and practice levels
  • Engage in evidence-based quality improvement for all our products and services
  • Solicit broad-based and diverse constituent input

CCI Strategic Focus

  • Establish presence in new markets. CCI will become the leading resource for institutions and organizations that desire to measure, document and support the competency assessment of the staff who  provide care to surgical patients.
  • Strengthen connection to communities by using contemporary communication technologies. CCI promotes and supports communication within and from its communities.
  • Innovate and continually improve the quality and range of our products and services. CCI will expand our menu of products and services to offer a blended portfolio of competency assessment solutions to institutional and individual customers.
  • Continually engage in research and related activities that enhance the quality and validity of competency assessment. We will research activities to enhance our understanding of competence and how certification and competence are linked.