CRNFA Recertification

Effective January 1, 2019, the credentialing body that administers the Certified Registered Nurse First Assistant (CRNFA) credential is changing to the National Assistant at Surgery Certification (NASC). CCI will continue to administer the CNOR, CSSM, and CNS-CP certifications. Current CRNFA certificants will receive an email and letter regarding this change. Please update your CCI account with current phone, email, and address. Learn more here.

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You have worked hard for your CRNFA credential. Don't let it lapse.

The CRNFA credential represents your professional achievement and demonstrates your knowledge and skill. More importantly, it reflects a deep, personal commitment to contributing to a culture of patient safety. Maintain your role as a leader in the operating room community by recertifying your CRNFA.

The certified status of an individual RNFA is conferred by CCI for a period of five years, at which time a CRNFA may seek recertification. If held, the CNOR credential is merged into the CRNFA credential. Online applications for recertification open on January 1 of the year a certificant is due to recertify. CCI offers a discount if a certificant recertifies on or before July 1. December 31 is the application deadline for recertification. All activities and continuing education must be completed by December 31 of the year prior to the recertification renewal date.

The recertification process will require a CRNFA to complete the method of recertification in effect at the time recertification is due and to meet recertification eligibility requirements. Read the CRNFA Handbook for more information.


 Early Recertification Fees
January 1 - July 1
Standard Recertification Fees
July 2 - December 31
Method Fee  Fee 
Contact Hours $450  $500
Points $450  $500

Exam $550  $550

Emeritus (one time fee)  $125  $125


The CRNFA credential is conferred for a five year period. All eligible certificants must recertify by July 1 of the year their credential expires to earn the early discount. Otherwise, the deadline is December 31 to complete the requirements of one of the recertification methods. Learn more

If you are due to recertify in 2018, applications will be accepted until December 31, 2018. Applications for 2019 recertification will open on January 1, 2019. 


There are three methods available for CRNFA Recertification.  

Key to Success

The key to success is to review the requirements for each method, select the method that works best for you, and plan accordingly. All methods require candidates to commit time to further their knowledge and stay current with practice standards. Please note that all three methods take approximately the same amount of time to complete.


Why Recertify Your CRNFA Credential?

Earning the CRNFA credential is a significant achievement in a nurse’s career. It is an indicator of a higher standard of practice within the nursing profession and a source of professional and personal pride. 

Purposes of CRNFA Recertification:

  • Recognize the individual professional registered nurse first assistant who is proficient in practice.
  • Strengthen conscious use of theory in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating nursing care.
  • Enhance professional development through continued learning that results in acquisition of current knowledge and expanded skills and practice.

Rationale for Recertification:

Certification is recognized for a period of five years with recertification required at the conclusion of that five-year period. The rapid pace of change in technology and surgical procedures in the modern perioperative setting require a conscious effort to maintain competency. The required CRNFA recertification activities flow from and are consistent with the knowledge statements of the Job Analysis which is performed on a five-year cycle. The recertification requirements guide professional development activities in providing parameters for acceptable activity and in maintaining a link to the most current body of knowledge. Linking the certification period to the Job Analysis cycle ensures that certificants are engaged in activities pertinent to their professional development.

Failure to Recertify

Your CRNFA status will lapse on December 31 of the year you are due to recertify if you do not provide the following based on the selected recertification method. 

  • Recertify by contact hours – fail to submit correct amount of acceptable contact hours
  • Recertify by points – fail to earn the correct amount of points, with at least half of the points being RNFA specific
  • Recertify by exam – fail the exam