Domain 9: Professional Accountability

General chapter readings:

AORN S&RP: Standards, pp. 3-17; Exhibit B, pp. 21-42

Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery: Chapter 1

Berry and Kohn’s Operating Room Technique: Chapters 2, 4, 6

Module Topics/Key Words Module-specific readings
1. Principles of social policy Accrediting agency, best practice, board of nursing, community standard, evidence-based practice, guidelines, nurse practice act, position statement, recommended practices, regulation, scope of practice, standard, statute See Primary General Readings
2. Resources for professional growth Best practice, competency, continuing education, life long learning, professional organization, self-assessment See Primary General Readings
3. Participation in quality improvement activities Audit, best practice, change, evidence-based practice, information literacy, measures, performance improvement, Plan-Do-Study-Act, quality assurance, quality improvement, shared governance See Primary General Readings
4. Facilitating professional behavior Chain of command, collegiality, ethics, healthy work environment, horizontal violence, just culture, lateral violence, patient advocate, professional standards S&RP: Position statements:
Creating a practice environment of safety
Criminalization of human errors
Alexander’s: Chapter 3
B&K: Chapters 1,3,5


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