Domain 2: Perioperative Plan of Care

Primary General Readings:

Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery: Chapter 1; Unit II: Surgical interventions

Berry and Kohn’s Operating Room Technique: Chapters 2, 21, 26

Module Topics/Key Words Module-specific readings
1. Develop measurable patient outcomes from patient assessment data and nursing diagnoses Measurable, nursing intervention, nurse sensitive, outcome, PNDS See Primary General readings
2. Develop an individualized plan of care Age-specific, nursing diagnoses, nursing interventions, nursing process, patient problems, plan of care S&RP: Recommended practices for perioperative health care information management, pp. 443-444
B&K: Chapters 7, 9, 11
3. Incorporate patient education into the plan of care Age-specific, barriers, patient education, teach back S&RP: Exhibit B, pp. 21-42
Alexander’s: Unit III, Special considerations


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