Domain 8: Management of Personnel, Services, and Materials

General chapter readings:

Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery: Chapter 1

Module Topics/Key Words Module-specific readings
1. Management of the interdisciplinary team Allied health care providers, competency, delegation, staff education, management, patient acuity, scope of practice, support personnel, UAP S&RP: Position statement:
Responsibility for mentoring.
Recommended practices:
Standards of perioperative nursing, pp. 3-17
Exhibit B, pp. 21-42
Guidance statements:
Perioperative staffing; Safe on-call practices
B&K: Chapters 1, 2, 4, 6 National Council of State Boards of Nursing
2. Principles of product evaluation and cost containment Cost containment, environmental consciousness (go green), fiscal responsibility, product evaluation, product selection, recycling, resource conservation, single-use device, supply management S&RP: Recommended practices: Sterilization
Product selection
Position statement:
Environmental responsibility
Alexander’s: pp. 102-103
B&K: pp. 97, 213, 300-301
3. Management of ancillary personnel in the perioperative setting Accountability, ethics, health care industry representative, loaner instrumentation, patient rights, patient privacy, student, vendor, visitor S&RP: Guidance statement:
Role of the health care industry representative
Recommended practices:
Care of instruments
Position statement:
Allied health care providers and support personnel
Value of clinical learning activities in the periop setting
Alexander’s: Chapter 2
B&K: pp. 2-5, 17-18, 42, 51-55, 325-326


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