Recertification Process

CNAMB Recertification Steps


Confirm your recertification eligibility.


Meet the professional activities requirement of 200 points during your accrual period and log points earned in your CCI account.


Confirm that all 200 points activities are completed and logged into your CCI account, and pay the recertification fee.


Begin next 3-year certification cycle.


Recertification Eligibility Requirements

The following recertification eligibility requirements must be met at the time of application.

  • Current full- or part-time employment in an ambulatory surgery setting with a minimum of 500 hours experience per year in an eligible role in the perioperative setting. This is a total of 1500 hours during your 3-year accrual cycle.
    • Once you hold the CNAMB credential there is no requirement for hours worked in intraoperative care.
    • Employment setting may be hospital based, free standing, or physician owned.
    • Role may be clinical, administrative, educational, or research.
    • Experience in a non-paid, volunteer capacity is acceptable.

  • Hold an active CNAMB credential.
  • Hold a current, unrestricted RN license.

    *Self-reflection forms are voluntary and will be made available to those who would like to complete them to assist with their personal goals during the recertification period.


Accrual Period

Your accrual period is the time period in which you must complete recertification activities. It begins on January 1 of the year you became certified or recertified, and continues through December 31 of the third calendar year. Enter your initial certification year or last recertification year in the table below to calculate your accrual period.

Calculate Your Accrual Period

My Accrual Period
Recert Year
Jan 1 of Year 1
Year 2
Dec 31 of Year 3
Recertify Jan 1 - Dec 31
Start Here

Dates populated are dependent on the accuracy of the certification or recertification year entered. Accrual periods will not reflect Extension Year (if applicable). For personalized information, log in to your CCI account.

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Recertification by Professional Activity Points

You may recertify your CNAMB credential by professional activity points completed during your three-year accrual period. For more information on the recertification process and your options, attend one of our live recertification webinars.

Professional Activity Points

Requirement: 200 points

Engage in eligible professional activities during your accrual period to earn points toward your recertification. The requirement is met by earning 200 points. Below are the categories that your points can be earned in.

For complete details on points activities, please review the CNAMB Handbook.

Free Professional Points Activities

As your partner in recertification, CCI offers resources to simplify the process of completing your recertification requirements. Make sure to visit the CCI Store for free educational activities worth points.

Visit The CCI Store

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Recertification Alternatives

Consider these options if you need more time to complete your professional activities, or are leaving the OR. Online applications must be submitted by December 31 to prevent the credential from lapsing. For complete details on recertification alternatives, please see the CNAMB Handbook.

CNAMB Extension Year

Active CNAMBs unable to complete professional activities during the accrual period may apply for a one-year extension. Apply for CNAMB Extension Year by logging into your CCI account and completing the online application.

CNAMB Emeritus Status

Retiring or ineligible perioperative nurses may preserve their CNAMB credential with a one-time application for Emeritus Status. Apply for CNAMB Emeritus Status by logging into your CCI account and completing the online application.


Recertification Fees

Professional Activity Points
Early Bird Discount - Jan 1 - July 1
Extension Year
Emeritus Status
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Recertification Resources

Learn more about recertifying your CNAMB and meeting recertification eligibility requirements with our complimentary resources.

CNAMB Handbook

CNAMB Handbook

The complete guide on the CNAMB credential

exam prepare educational activities

Free Educational Activities

Earn points with our complimentary professional activities.

icon exam prep questions

CCI Staff Support

CCI's nursing staff is available to answer questions about eligibility or preparation.

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