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Application Process

CNAMB Exam Application Process


Confirm your eligibility.


Determine when you would like to take the exam. Your testing window will begin the calendar month after your application is approved. Your exam may be taken at an in-person testing center or via remote proctor from the location of your choice.


You may submit your application online at any time by creating a CCI account or logging into your existing account.


Schedule your exam by clicking on the "PSI Exam Scheduling" button in your CCI account after your application is submitted. For additional testing center information, please refer to the CNAMB Handbook.

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Certification Fee

CNAMB Exam Fee

The long-term benefits of holding a credential often outweigh the cost of initial certification.

During the online application process, nurses can elect to register for a single exam take or benefit from the CNAMB Take 2 program. The CNAMB Take 2 program allows a CNAMB-eligible nurse to take the exam twice in a 12-month period if the first attempt is unsuccessful. For more information on the Take 2 program, please see the CNAMB Handbook.

CCI offers volume discounts for health systems seeking to certify multiple nurses. Download the CNAMB Take 2 Facility Enrollment Forms to enroll.

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CNAMB Take 2
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CNAMB Exam Resources

Additional information and resources about preparing for the CNAMB exam can be found in the Learn section.

CNAMB Handbook

CNAMB Handbook

The complete guide on the CNAMB credential

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CNAMB Certification webinars

Learn more about exam subject areas and test-taking strategies.

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CNAMB Exam study plan

Develop a personalized study plan with CCI’s free preparation tool.

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CNAMB Practice Questions

Explore the format and structure of CNAMB exam questions.

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Get Prepared

CNAMB Exam Preparation

CNAMB Prep App

CNAMB Pocket Prep App

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CNAMB On-Demand Prep Course

Exam Prep Product Disclaimer: As a certification organization, CCI’s role is developing and administering certification examinations. CCI does not require or endorse any specific study guides, review products, or training courses. Candidates may prepare for certification examinations with any educational materials they choose. Purchase of CCI review materials is not a requirement for testing, nor does use of any review materials (CCI or otherwise) imply successful performance on the certification examinations. No study resources are prerequisites for the certification examinations.