About the CFPN

CFPN certification assesses the knowledge and skills of an early career perioperative nurse with under 23 months of experience from initial hire date in the OR. The CFPN is a two-year credential with no recertification mechanism.


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A current, unrestricted RN license in state or country of practice.

Certificate of completion from a perioperative orientation program. Program must have both didactic and clinical components. Course syllabus or content outline will be required if your application is audited.

Up to 23 months of experience from initial hire date in the OR.

Currently working full- or part-time in perioperative nursing, including nursing education, administration, research or clinical practice.


CFPN Credential Components

Earning the CFPN entails a competency self-assessment, personality factors assessment, reflective learning activities, and a knowledge-based exam—a total of four key components that will guide the early career of a perioperative nurse. Candidates will earn a digital badge after successful completion of each component. When all four components are complete, a digital badge for the certification will be awarded celebrating the achievement of earning the CFPN credential.

Knowledge-Based Test

CCI’s CFPN knowledge-based test is taken online via a remote, secure, and proctored exam experience provided by our testing vendor, PSI. The knowledge-based test must be completed first. After passing the exam, the nurse will move on to the other three activities.


Self-Assessment of Competency

Measured using the Perceived Perioperative Competence Scale (PPCS-R), accessed in the Candidate’s CCI account.

Badge600pxPPCS R

16pf® Competency Report

Assesses 16 primary personality factors to measure skills and traits nurses will need to be successful throughout their careers. Candidates receive PSI’s 16pf® Competency Report with interpretive information and professional development tips.


Reflective Learning Exercise

The final component for earning the credential. Candidates will develop a personal development plan for the next two years of their careers—the duration of the CFPN credential.


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Primary Exam References

These texts are the primary references for the CFPN Knowledge Based Exam.

Text Book

Guidelines for Perioperative Practice

AORN. (current edition). Guidelines for perioperative practice. AORN.

Text Book

Berry and Kohn’s Operating Room Technique

Phillips, N., & Hornacky, A. (Eds.). (2021). Berry and Kohn’s operating room technique (14th ed.). Elsevier.

Text Book

Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery

Rothrock, J. C. (Ed.). (2023). Alexander’s care of the patient in surgery (17th ed.). Elsevier.

Text Book

Drain’s Perianesthesia Nursing: A Critical Care Approach

Odom-Forren, J. (Ed.). (2024). Drain’s perianesthesia nursing: A critical care approach (8th ed.) Elsevier.

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CFPN Resources

icon exam prep webinars

CFPN Certification webinars

Learn more about the CFPN certification and have your questions answered by CCI staff.

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CFPN Knowledge-Based Test Study Outline

Develop a personalized study plan with CCI's free preparation tool.


CFPN Handbook

The complete guide on the CFPN credential.

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CFPN Practice Questions

Explore the format and structure of CFPN knowledge-based test questions.

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