Certification and Career Progression

Perioperative managers pursue certification for a variety of reasons, including professional validation, personal accomplishment, and career advancement. Learn more about the benefits of certification.

Demonstrate your dedication to patient safety

Validate your knowledge and skills

Gain the recognition you deserve

Realize your career potential

Certification for the Perioperative Leader

The Certified Surgical Services Manager (CSSM) certification is the only perioperative management credential for perioperative managers, directors, and nurses who oversee personnel, a budget, business unit, or service line. Earning the CSSM is a mark of distinction and recognizes the important role managers play in delivering safe patient care.

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Promote Certification in Your Facility

The Certified Foundational Perioperative Nurse (CFPN) credential is designed to give perioperative nurses a firm foundation for career-long professional development success. Earning the CFPN entails a diversity of assessments, reflective learning activities, and a knowledge-based exam—a total of four key components that will guide the early career of a perioperative nurse. A great opportunity to start your newer nurses on the path to certification.

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The Certified Ambulatory Surgery Nurse (CNAMB) certification is designed for perioperative nurses working in the ambulatory surgery setting who are seeking to improve and validate their professional competencies. Earning the CNAMB is a mark of distinction and recognizes the important role nurses play in delivering safe patient care. Learn more about CNAMB certification and how you can assist your ambulatory surgery staff in earning this credential.

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The Certified Perioperative Nurse (CNOR) credential is held by over 40,000 nurses internationally and assesses the knowledge and skills of a perioperative nurse with a minimum of two years of clinical practice. Working towards CNOR certification is a goal that can begin even in the early phases of an OR nursing career. Learn more about the CNOR credential and the resources you can provide to your staff as they prepare for certification.

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CNOR Take 2 Program

The CNOR Take 2 program allows a CNOR-eligible nurse to take the exam twice in a 12-month period if the first attempt is unsuccessful. CCI offers volume discounts for health systems seeking to certify multiple nurses. Download the CNOR Take 2 Facility Enrollment Forms to enroll.


CNAMB Take 2 Program

The CNAMB Take 2 program allows a CNAMB-eligible nurse to sit for the exam twice in a 12-month period if the first attempt is unsuccessful. Learn about volume discounts for enrolling multiple nurses from the same health system. Download the CNAMB Take 2 Facility Enrollment Forms to begin.

New Pricing for CNAMB of $375 for single take

Certification Kit

Request a complimentary certification kit to promote certification within your facility. Certification kits include certification and recertification flyers as well as assorted giveaway items. Perfect for hospital celebrations, in-services, and other facility events. Visit our online store to learn more and request your kit today.

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Get Facility Recognition

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CNOR Strong

Research shows nurses who earn the CNOR credential have greater confidence in their clinical practice. Teams of CNOR-certified nurses who have mastered the standards of perioperative practice have been correlated to improved outcomes in surgical patients. We call that CNOR Strong. Facilities that promote certification excellence may apply for the annual designation.

Criteria for Facility CNOR Strong Designation
• At least 50% of eligible perioperative nursing staff is CNOR-certified
• Facility consistently recognizes and rewards nurses who are CNOR-certified

Applications open November 1st - December 1st

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The TrueNorth Award

The TrueNorth Award was developed to recognize facilities that use certification as a “true north,” guiding their perioperative nursing staff to be lifelong learners, models of competent practice, and advocates for excellence and patient safety. Facilities who earn the TrueNorth Award exhibit the highest standards in perioperative certification excellence.

Eligibility Requirements
Healthcare organizations that employ perioperative certified nurses, or organizations whose members and representatives are certified, may apply. Examples include hospitals, health systems, surgical services departments, ambulatory surgery centers, and units or divisions of a larger organization.

Applications open October 1st - November 30th

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Free Professional Points Activities

As a partner in recertification, CCI offers resources to simplify the process of completing professional activities that count towards recertification requirements. Nurses can visit the CCI Store for free educational activities worth points towards CNOR, CSSM, and CNAMB recertification.