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David A. Wyatt

Associate Operating Officer and ACNO Surgery
Vanderbilt University Medical Center - Nashville, TN

Wyatt is Associate Operating Officer and ACNO Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. He is responsible for operational management and clinical leadership for the inpatient and ambulatory adult surgical division. In addition to executive clinical leadership, he is involved in strategic development and physician relations for the surgery service lines. Wyatt has been involved in information technology implementations in the perioperative setting including scheduling, intraoperative documentation, as well as selection processes for hospital-wide systems. He has also worked on several projects related to performance improvement, patient outcome management and patient safety; designing methods of data collection based from computerized documentation. Wyatt served on the National AORN Board of Directors from 2008 - 2012. Currently, he is a PhD candidate at the University of Colorado College of Nursing with research interests in health services, health promotion, evidence-based practice in nursing care, and the impact of the practice environment on patient outcomes.