Policies and Procedures

Transfer policy
Transferring from one test window to the next is permitted for a $125 transfer fee (which is subject to change without prior notification). Your transfer request must be submitted online at the CCI website no later than 3 business days prior to the end of your testing window.

Refunds/Withdrawal Policy
Refunds are made at the discretion of CCI, but $125 of the application fee constitutes a nonrefundable processing charge. Fees are subject to change without prior notification. You can apply for a withdrawal and refund online.

Do both of the following to receive a partial refund:

  • Submit an online withdrawal request on the CCI website to withdraw your application so it is received no later than three business days prior to the end of your testing window.
  • If you have a scheduled testing appointment, please call (800) 896-6037 or go to www.prometric.com and cancel your appointment no later than 3 business days prior to your appointment. You must notify Prometric to cancel the appointment or you will not get a refund.

Appeal Policy
A. There shall be an external board of appeals available to a certificant seeking appeal of a decision made by the CCI. The board of appeals will be composed of six past members of CCI (three members and three alternates appointed annually by the CCI Governance Committee). Three members will review the appeal and make a decision. The president will designate one member as chair. Appointment of alternates will be made by CCI in the event of a conflict of interest.
B. The board of appeals will review a decision made by CCI to determine whether it is inappropriate only if (1) the decision was based on material errors of fact, or (2) CCI failed to follow published criteria, policies, and procedures. Only facts and conditions up to and including the time of the CCI's decision will be considered during appeal.
C. A written request for appeal, including supporting documentation, must be submitted by the certificant within thirty (30) days after the certificant has received CCI's decision. Notification of receipt of the request for appeal (including a scheduled appeal date) will be sent to the certificant by the chair of the board of appeals within thirty days of receipt from the staff. If a request for appeal is not received within that thirty-day period, the matter will be considered closed and the notification procedures in the appeal section, item "D" will be applicable.
D. At its discretion, the board of appeals may consider the appeal at a meeting in person, by conference telephone call, or by other means. The board of appeals will not conduct a hearing, but will limit its activities to review of the written record. The written request for appeal, supporting documentation, and information related to CCI's decision will be evaluated by the board of appeals according to the criteria and policies in effect at the time the complaint was brought.
E. The board of appeals will notify the certificant and CCI of its decision in writing within two weeks of the review meeting. The decision of the board of appeals, including a statement of the reasons for the decision, shall be reported to the individual who filed the complaint, the directors of the Competency & Credentialing Institute, and to relevant licensing boards. The organization may also make this information available to the public.
F. The decision of the board of appeals shall be final and binding. There will be no refund of any fees if certification is revoked or suspended.

Forfeiture of Fees
You must schedule and take the exam during the testing window you've chosen, or you'll forfeit all fees. Any of the following will result in forfeiture:

  • Failure to cancel the appointment with the testing organization within the required time.
  • Failure to appear as scheduled to take the exam.
  • Arrival at the testing organization without proper identification and a current valid RN license.
  • Failure to achieve a passing score on the exam.

In any of those circumstances, you must repeat the entire application process, including payment of application fees, to take the exam at a future date. You may test only once in each testing window.

American with Disabilities
Whenever possible, CCI is committed to providing reasonable accommodations in its examination processes to otherwise qualified individuals with physical or mental disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Pursuant to the ADA, accommodations are provided to qualified candidates with disabilities to the extent that such accommodation does not fundamentally alter the examination or cause an undue burden to the agency. Candidates with disabilities must notify CCI in writing no later than 90 days prior to the examination testing window stating the type of accommodation needed and providing appropriate documentation of the disability. Documentation should include correspondence from a healthcare provider with first-hand knowledge of your disability that describes the nature of the disability and specific recommendations for accommodating the disability. The letter should be on that professional's letterhead stationery and include his or her title, address, phone number, and original signature.
Examples of requests for special testing accommodations that may be granted include modification of seating or other physical arrangements in the examination facility, providing for the examination to be taken in an accessible location, or providing for a reasonable extension of testing time.

Examples of requests for special testing accommodations that may be denied include modification of the content of an objective multiple-choice examination, providing for unlimited testing time, permitting a reader to paraphrase test material, or having the material translated into another language.
All accommodation determinations will be made by CCI at its discretion.

Request for Amendment
If you wish to request an amendment of a CCI policy, you must submit a written request, accompanied by supporting documentation, to CCI. Mail your request for amendment, by certified mail, to the Competency and Credentialing Institute, 2170 South Parker Road, Suite 120, Denver, CO 80231.

Financial Management

Quality Improvement

How to File a Complaint

A. Complaints must be submitted in writing to the organization at the following address: Competency & Credentialing Institute, 2170 South Parker Road, Suite 120, Denver, CO 80231. Only written complaints will be considered, but the organization may itself initiate complaints and investigate actions that may constitute complaints based on information obtained by the organization when a formal complaint is not filed.
B. The complaint should include the following: the name and contact information of the person initiating the complaint, a statement of the certificant's alleged misconduct, and reasons why that misconduct warrants disciplinary action. Supporting documentation, if available, should accompany the written requests.
C. If the chief executive officer determines that the complaint does not have merit, the complaint will be dismissed and the complainant so notified. If the organization's chief executive office determines that the complaint has merit, the certificant accused of misconduct will be notified that a complaint has been filed against him or her. The notice will include the basic facts of the complaint, identify the alleged violation, provide a copy of the procedures, and request any specific information that should be provided. In addition, the notice should state (1) that the certificant may submit a written response and supporting documentation within thirty (30) days of receiving the notification by the organization, and (2) that the certificant may request the opportunity to appear in person or by teleconference before the organization's board of directors (CCI). The written notification will include the date of an upcoming CCI meeting at which the complaint will be considered.

Disciplinary Procedures
The Competency & Credentialing Institute ("the organization") conducts certification and recertification programs for registered nurses practicing operating room nursing and for registered nurse first assistants. Certified individuals ("certificants") must have successfully completed either the CNOR and/or CRNFA examination and met certain other requirements. Certificants are required to continue to meet all applicable requirements during the time that they hold the CNOR and CRNFA credentials. Disciplinary action, including revocation of certification, may be taken for failing to meet, or otherwise violating, these requirements. In addition, in the course of applying for certification or recertification, certificants are made aware of the reasons for which certification can be revoked. The following are grounds for revocation or other disciplinary action:
1. Certificant has provided falsified information on the certification application.
2. Certificant has had a current RN license revoked by a state board of nursing.
3. Certificant has had a current RN license suspended by a state board of nursing.
4. Certificant has been placed on probation by a state board of nursing.
5. Certificant has breached the confidentiality agreement signed at the time examination was taken (via public or printed communication, the Internet, etc).
6. CRNFA has not maintained CNOR status.
Any individual may submit information to the organization alleging violation of one of the standards listed above. In certain cases, the organization may refer complaints to the applicable state licensing board. At its discretion, however, the organization may initiate a complaint under these procedures (for example, if a certificant is thought to have falsified application information). CCI adheres to the following procedures to consider all complaints and take appropriate disciplinary action, including reprimand, suspension, or revocation of certification. The organization takes all reasonable measures to ensure that any materials regarding a complaint are kept confidential.



Records retention

Code of conduct


Investigation and decisions
A. CCI staff members will be assigned to investigate the complaint and may seek additional information. If the response to the notification is considered satisfactory by CCI staff members, the matter will be considered closed and the certificant and complainant will be so notified. General information will also be provided to CCI board members. If the response is not considered satisfactory at the CCI staff level, the matter will be forwarded to CCI for consideration and notification provided to the certificant and complainant.
B. CCI will consider the matter at regularly scheduled meetings. Review of the matter will not be a trial-type proceeding; instead, CCI will review the written record, and the certificant alleged to have failed to meet or otherwise violated CCI requirements will have an opportunity to appear in person or by telephone to make a presentation and allow CCI to ask questions. If the certificant wishes to include counsel at this appearance, a request must be made to, and approved by, CCI in advance. CCI will then deliberate and issue a decision and determine what disciplinary action, if any, is required.
C. Written notification stating the CCI's decision will be sent to the certificant within thirty (30) days following the meeting at which the complaint was heard. Notice will also be sent to the individual who initiated the complaint.

Revocation of credential
Grounds for revocation or other disciplinary action by CCI include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Certificant has provided falsified information on the certification or recertification application.
2. Certificant’s current RN license has been revoked by a state board of nursing.
3. Certificant’s current RN license has been suspended by a state board of nursing.
4. Certificant has been placed on probation by a state board of nursing.
5. Certificant has breached the confidentiality agreement signed at the time the examination was taken (via public or printed communication, the Internet, etc.).
6. Certificant has outstanding debts to CCI.
7. Commission of a breach of the confidentiality agreement signed at the time the examination was taken (i.e., via public or printed communication, Internet, etc.) or breach of security in connection with a CCI examination, including cheating, failure to follow test center instructions, or violation of any examination policy.
You cannot receive a refund if, for any reason, your CNOR status is revoked. Certified nurses will be notified by letter of CCI’s decision to revoke the CRNFA status. CCI also reserves the right to notify the employer of any certificant that the credential has been revoked.

No personal belongings are permitted in the test center except for the pencils and scratch paper you have been given by the test center administrator. The computer will keep the official time. You may not eat, drink, or use tobacco in the testing room. The test center administrator is authorized to dismiss you from the test session for any of the following reasons, and to notify Prometric and CCI of the action taken:

  • Failure to follow the test center administrator’s directions
  • Creating a disturbance of any kind
  • Giving or receiving assistance of any kind
  • Using prohibited aids, such as reference materials, mechanical listening devices, and recording or photographic devices
  • Removing or attempting to remove test questions and/or responses (in any format) from the testing room
  • Removing or attempting to remove scratch paper from the test center
  • Attempting to take the test for someone else
  • Attempting to tamper with the operation of the computer
  • Leaving the testing room without permission
  • Leaving the test center/building at any time
  • Using electronic communications or recording equipment such as Palm Pilots, pagers, cellular phones, etc;
  • Using notes, books, or other aids
  • Bring any materials to the test center that may compromise the administration
  • Share information about the test and test questions with any unauthorized persons

If a proctor witnesses what may be believed to be a security breach, the exam is stopped immediately; all related materials are retained and an incident report is generated and routed to Prometric. The Prometric Security Office makes a copy of the video and reviews it for quality and to determine if there was any inappropriate action requiring follow-up with the test center personnel. The copy of the video and any related materials are forwarded to Prometric, which would then facilitate delivery to CCI.

If it is believed that an applicant or certificant violates the Misconduct Policy, breaches security or fails to follow test center directions the CCI may render sanctions against the individual that may include but not be limited to:

  • Suspension from the examination for an indefinite or specified period of time
  • At the Boards discretion, notify the State Board of Nursing, employer, insurance company, or other public health agency

Information on applications is subject to verification by authorized CCI personnel, who check each application for accuracy and reasonableness. Information gained through verification will be confidential except in instances in which the law requires disclosure of facts. Should any information on the application be found false, you will be notified and declared ineligible to continue the certification process.