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Certificate Program for Surgical Services Management

Upon completion of the certificate program, participants will receive a certificate of mastery and contact hours.

The certificate program helps candidates meet the current perioperative management coursework requirement as well as aid in CSSM test preparation.

To earn the CSSM credential, candidates must meet the eligibility requirements and pass the CSSM exam. See CSSM.

3rd Edition Now Available

CCI has launched a completely updated version of its well-received Certificate Program for Surgical Services Management . With learning modules written by industry leaders, this professional development program is designed to give members of the surgical services management team or those aspiring to it the most current information on the fundamentals of running a surgical services department.

Frequently, managers find themselves in the leadership role without the necessary background or education. While strong clinicians, many managers lack the required knowledge in financial management, human resource management, operational management among others, to be effective in their position.

The management certificate program is structured to develop a manager’s competency in seven areas essential to effectively and profitably leading a surgical services department. The areas were identified by a comprehensive national Job Analysis study of professionals in the manager/director role and include:

  1. Financial Management
  2. Operational Management
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Strategic Management
  5. Professionalism
  6. Leadership
  7. Communication and Relationship Management

19.5 Continuing Education Contact Hours

At the start of the program, participants take an online assessment test to determine strengthens and learning needs in each of the program's subject areas. The seven learning modules, written by industry experts, develop specific knowledge and skills in each subject area. With no travel requirement, the modules are completed according to the participant's schedule. Participants finish the program by taking an online course test that ensures they have acquired and mastered course competencies.

Upon successful completion, participants receive a Certificate of Mastery in Surgical Services Management along with 19.5 contact hours. The continuing nursing education activities are provided by CCI, Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing. The continuing education contact hour credits expire on December 31, 2016. 

Benefits of the Certificate Program for Surgical Services Management

This professional development program is designed to:

  • Enhance knowledge and ability to function in a management role regardless of background, education or training
  • Help managers successfully navigate the complex surgical services environment
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Enhance staff engagement
  • Increase staff collaboration
  • Improve hiring and retention rates
  • Provide a means for succession planning
  • Help achieve or retain Magnet status

Complete set of print modules and online tests $   225.00 [ buy now ]
Shipping and handling fee for print sets $   14.00


What Do Participants Say About the Certificate Program for Surgical Services Management?

Findings from a survey of past participants include:

  • 76% of respondents said they purchased the program to expand their skills in surgical services management.
  • 66% of respondents said that the pre-assessment provided a helpful road map to complete the program.
  • 94% of respondents said the case studies were applicable.
  • 87% of respondents believed that the seven modules were adequate to cover the topic of surgical services management.
  • 83% of respondents didn't feel additional topics needed to be covered in the modules.
  • 90% of respondents said that they would recommend the program to their colleagues.